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There are so many things you want to do in this life! But, if lately (or for as long as you can remember), your body has held you back, you’re not alone.

“Oh no, my knees can’t handle that hike.”
“Not this time, I’m too big to fly that far.”
“Try someone else, I’m too tired to keep up with the kids.”

It’s maddening. What’s even more alarming, though, is that most people just get used to it over time, accepting their circumstances as the “new normal.”

Please hear us when we say:

You don’t have to
settle for a less-than life.

We exist to help.

So many of our patients tried drugs that decreased symptoms for a while or dropped money into therapies or diets that only sort of helped. At One Wellness, we go beyond temporary relief of your symptoms to find their cause, then help you harness your body’s natural ability to fix the problem at its root.

I had been experiencing shoulder pain for several weeks with no relief. I came in, and Breanna was so helpful and the treatment worked immediately. I began feeling relief right away. After several sessions, the pain was gone. I felt like I was educated on what the machine was doing, and definitely experienced great results.
Cicily Oldham
Cicily Oldham
December 31, 2022.
Breana was phenomenal and extraordinarily patient. She explained the procedures, why she wanted to work certain areas, etc and made sure the treatments were tolerable and working. Her follow up is amazing and as we enter the 6th week post treatment, knees aren’t hurting and off season training has been a lot less painful with greater range of motion.
Samantha B
Samantha B
December 28, 2022.
Doctors these days really stink. Prescriptions or surgery. What about the in between? I’m 45 and my ankle started to develop a sharp nerve like zap. Over 6 weeks it grew until it felt like it wrapped around my ankle. Podiatrist and a horrible X-ray could tell anything. I couldn’t walk on stairs. The first few seconds of standing up. ZOINK! I came in here skeptical that anything could take away this pain. The machine is legit and can really hurt! It’s how you know it works! 😉 but after 5 sessions so far, it’s 80% gone. You feel it chipping away at the scar tissue and damage. Each session they increase the power and each time it hurts less. On my 4th session I got to max power of 16. First session I was at a 3. Such a unique feeling. Give it a shot! It works!
December 28, 2022.
I've had multiple surgeries over the past year and a half and was having major trouble walking after, I was literally wall hoping to get around, after coming and getting treated I am walking like normal again life changing experience 100% recommend
Jared Hopper
Jared Hopper
December 16, 2022.
It's been a great experience working with Breana and Jared. They're great communicators, and through Acousana I was able to deal with shoulder pain I had had for a long time! Thank you!!
Hirepan Zarco
Hirepan Zarco
December 16, 2022.
The treatment at One Wellness was SO helpful! My pain started going down after the very first treatment. I used it alongside physical therapy and it really accelerated my healing. Thank you, Breana!
December 14, 2022.
Before I started treatment last Summer, I had a lot of back pain, especially when sitting, but also back fatigue and a chin splint feeling in both legs. I also have a very tight psoas muscle which causes back pain. An MRI performed by a spinal pain specialist showed two herniated discs in my lower back. After the acousana treatment, the back fatigue and chin splint feeling is gone. I still have some pain when sitting, but not much, and I’m hoping that will be completely gone within in another 6 weeks or so. I continue some stretches to relax the psoas muscle. I’m very satisfied with the treatment from One Wellness. They are knowledgeable and understanding. Breana was the specialist that usually helped me, and she was professional, friendly, and empathetic. She always knew what to do and had suggestions to help me stretch the psoas more.
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes
December 12, 2022.
This place is amazing for any type of therapeutic treatment. They’ve really helped me get back my years far as athletics goes. I couldn’t walk, run, or jump while playing sports because of previous injuries. Being in pain for years took a hit on my life and career. Now being pain free and off prescription medication has been a blessing in my life because of One Wellness. I’m able to perform at the highest level again while playing sports and I’m very ecstatic. I’d recommend this place to anyone who’s dealing with pain of some sort. They’re great to work with and really knows how to take care of their clients. Thank y’all so much One Wellness.
Kent Milligan
Kent Milligan
November 30, 2022.
I’m so thankful I ran into an add on Facebook for One Wellness. After getting a very bad sprained ankle back in April I could not get rid of the pain. I did everything right according to the doctors and they just kept telling me that the pain was normal even after 6 months of consistent PT and even a round of strong anti-inflammatories. As a high level dancer I was frustrated and even considered doing expensive and invasive treatments. However I found an ad for Acousana therapy and I decided to give it a try. It was a fourth of the price of the other treatments I had been doing research on and it didn’t required me to stop dancing or walking. I have done 4 treatments now and I can say it is a night and day difference. My pain is 80% gone. I can dance long hours and my foot is not in so much pain after every dance practice I have. I would recommend One well ess to any one that is looking to gain back their ability to move without pain!
Saidi Cordon
Saidi Cordon
November 29, 2022.

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We reject the idea that medical visits should feel rushed, cold, or confusing.

Here are the pillars of our approach instead:

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Acousana® Therapy for Pain

Pain is meant to be a short-lived, helpful alert that something is off. It is not supposed to stick around forever. That’s why we use Acousana® therapy, a treatment that resets your body’s natural healing response and eliminates pain—86% of the time.

One Wellness Mastery Program for Lifelong Wellness

If things like fatigue, bloating, weight gain, brain fog, and constant aches and pains are getting in the way of a fulfilling life, you may be a candidate for the One Wellness Mastery Program. In this 30-60 day journey, we’ll uncover the root cause of your symptoms, then help you address them naturally.

Hormone Balancing for Optimal Health

Your hormones can impact everything from your mood, ability to lose weight/gain muscle, sex drive, energy, mental clarity and more. We have over 25 years experience in successfully balancing hormones so that you feel like you again – only younger.

Functional Medicine for Personalized Wellness

We focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of your health issues, rather than simply treating your symptoms. Utilizing a variety of diagnostic tools and treatment options, including functional lab testing, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and targeted supplements, we’ll help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

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