How Pain Management Can Help Bursitis

Our Utah pain specialists are trained to help alleviate the acute and chronic pain of bursitis through many proven and non-invasive methods. This involves using different non-drug-related methods to lessen the pain of your bursitis. Bursae are like little pillows that cushion your bones, joints, and muscles to keep them from rubbing together.

Overuse, such as when you repetitively bend your arm while lifting boxes, pushing and pulling a vacuum, or doing upper body exercises, can cause bursitis. Too much strain on your shoulder from throwing a ball, house painting, or any repetitive or grinding activity can cause your bursae to become inflamed. It can be very painful, and surgery is sometimes necessary. Natural pain management solutions are the best option for many people because it offers pain relief without the need for medication or surgery.

5 Pain Management Methods That Can Ease Pain of Bursitis

1. Acousana Therapy

This therapy uses FDA-cleared technology and acoustic waves to rid your body of pain. Wherever bursitis exists in your body, Acousana therapy works by increasing blood flow and the stimulation of other healing properties to the area.

2. Rest

When a bursa becomes inflamed, it is very important to rest that part of your body. Unnecessary movement can further irritate the area and cause more pain. Avoid the urge to try and “work it out”, and give your body a chance to heal. If you’re experiencing pain caused by inflamed bursa in your shoulder, consider a sling to help limit movement and provide support.

3. Acupuncture and/or Acupressure

Acupuncture uses special needles placed strategically in particular parts of your body to help heal, modify certain types of behavior, and often to relieve pain. An acupuncturist can help lessen the pain of your bursitis.

Acupressure works with pressure points in your body that relate to particular organs and conditions. A person trained in acupressure can work with you on the pressure points that affect your bursitis to help relieve the pain.

4. Meditation

Stress can contribute to any type of pain. However, meditation is one way to calm your inner self and let your whole body be at peace. The pain of bursitis can often be lessened by meditating. Lie on your back, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

5. Hot and Cold Therapy

Pain can often be relieved by alternating hot and cold. An ice pack for 15 minutes alternated with a heating pad or bag of heated rice can sometimes help to make bursitis feel less painful. Letting a hot shower run over an affected area can be soothing for your psyche and your bursitis.

You don’t have to live with your pain. Our pain clinic in Utah offers pain management without opioids to help relieve your pain so you can enjoy life to the fullest. To learn more about pain management in Utah, contact us today.

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“Acousana therapy has definitely helped me and kept me from getting a very expensive surgery.”


“I haven’t felt that looseness in my knee for a few years..I’m feeling good about what Acousana is going to do in the long term for my life.”


“I had immediate results after Acousana therapy…for the first time in two years I can now do what I haven’t been able to do.”



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