Everything we do revolves around one core belief:

You deserve to feel your best.

Don’t give up
on getting better.

If you’ve dealt with pain or poor health for long enough, maybe you’ve forgotten what “feeling good” is like. When various doctors and treatments haven’t led to lasting solutions, it’s understandable why so many people sigh and say, “I guess this is just the way I’ll always feel.”

But it doesn’t have to be.

We firmly believe that uncovering root issues, then supporting the body’s natural ability to heal, will lead to relief from symptoms and enable you to resume a vibrant life. And, we have the research and testimonies to back it up!

No symptom is normal (including pain)

I started using One Wellness the first week of Sept 2023 and have felt a positive change in my brain fog, depression, fatigue and lack of overall feeling of wellness. The treatment has helped me feel better. Dr Rodgers and his team are very nice to work with and make it an low stress environment to receive treatment.
I've been doing HRT for 15 years, and I've been to my fair share of clinics. But none of them compare to Dr. Rodgers' office. He and his staff are truly exceptional. From the moment you walk in the door, you're greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. The office is clean, comfortable, and inviting. And the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Rodgers himself is amazing. He is passionate about helping his patients. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions. He also makes sure to explain everything to me in a way that I can understand. Dr. Rodgers is also very respectful of my choices. He doesn't pressure me into anything, and he always works with me to create a treatment plan that's right for me. I feel like he truly cares about my well-being, and I trust him completely. I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Rodgers. He's changed my life for the better. If you're looking for a functional health office that provides the best possible care, look no further. Dr. Rodgers is the one for you!
Matt Sweatfield
Matt Sweatfield
Super friendly and super helpful
Kira Thompson
Kira Thompson
Today I had a wonderful first-time experience at One Wellness! Brianne was very good at listening and understanding my situation. Her actions were very well explained and at the end of my first session my back pain, that had engulfed me for over two weeks was vanquished! My previous visits to the doctor and the physical therapy he recommended hadn’t helped. I was so grateful to be relieved of the pain! This first session could not have gone better, in my opinion! Thanks One Wellness !
Wayne DeVincent
Wayne DeVincent
I have had 2 back surgeries and have been in pain for years. Went to Breanna and Glade and today is the best my back has felt in almost 7 years. Breanna was awesome today and I feel that I may have permanent pain relief soon 10 stars if it would allow me to do so
Eric Duke
Eric Duke
If not for One Wellness, I would have had major surgery on my knees! Try Acousana and see that your body can heal itself. It’s a game changer
Alicia Austin
Alicia Austin
I am a very sports-minded, active, kind of guy. I love to train and do multiple sports. I've tried many different methods to alleviate my knee arthritis which limited me to about 60 to 70% of activity. 6 weeks after my multiple treatments, that improves my activity level to about 90 to 95%. And still improving. I'm looking forward to 100%. I would highly recommend treatments with One Wellness
Ronald Shalvis
Ronald Shalvis
Fabulous place and fabulous staff I feel like I’ve known them forever. And the treatment is definitely worth it.
Angela Payne
Angela Payne
Breana was so knowledgeable and helpful. I had lingering injuries that I didn’t think I would ever recover from and Breana had me feeling like brand new. One Wellness was always on top of my scheduling and very accommodating. I would recommend Breana without hesitation.
James Mcbride
James Mcbride
I am a firm proponent of One Wellness. All of my health concerns are addressed. Using the Acousana therapy they offer has resolved my back pain. I believe in the therapy so much that I’m now using it on other areas of my body. The entire staff of One Wellness cares for me and I’m heard. You should run here for care!
Russell Belt
Russell Belt

How we serve.

You deserve undivided attention and unwavering support.

We are eager to know you.

In the meantime, here’s a little more about us.

Dr Rodgers Cir



Dr. Rodgers is a highly experienced doctor of osteopathic medicine. A graduate from BYU, Dr. Rodgers is a certified functional medicine practitioner and an expert in hormone balancing. He has dedicated his professional life to helping his patients achieve optimal health and well-being, using a holistic and individualized approach to care. Dr. Rodgers listens intently to understand the best way to help you reach your health goals and works with you to develop your treatment plan.

Alisha S Cir


Medical Assistant

Born and raised in Bountiful, Utah, Alisha is passionate about healing and patient care. As a dedicated Medical Assistant, Alisha brings a relentless drive for excellence to every project she undertakes. She is committed to continuous learning and growth, staying on top of emerging trends and technologies. Alisha’s goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, delivering results that drive meaningful outcomes for her team and our patients. Outside of work, you’ll often find her boating at Pineview or Flaming Gorge, reading, sitting on a paddle board on the lake, and spending time with friends and family which fuel her creativity and recharge her spirit. Alisha believes in transforming lives and she is honored to be part of that journey for our patients.

Breana G Cir


Patient Care Coordinator

Breana’s background in healing began with Yoga Therapy. Breana has completed numerous certification courses that focus on the anatomy and physiology of the body in order to decrease injuries and encourage healing after injuries. A major motivation behind what she does is to help patients improve their quality of life.


Acousana® Specialist

Hi y’all! I’m Madison Ah Ching, a Texan by birth but proudly settled in Utah since 2019. I’m a licensed Master Esthetician and Medical Assistant at One Wellness. I’m dedicated to enhancing lives through personalized hormone therapy. I enjoy exploring Utah’s stunning landscapes. Hiking the national parks or simply enjoying the serenity of the outdoors with my dog. My career has taught me that true beauty comes from within, and I’m thrilled to be a part of helping individuals achieve balance and vitality in their lives, just as I find my own balance through my passions.

Cathy B Cir


Front Office Coordinator

Born and raised in Idaho, Cathy brings her passion for holistic healing modalities with her. She’s a Mom of 3 kids, with over 8 years of customer relations experience and aroma therapy education. She is also certified in EFT and brings her enthusiasm of supporting the incredible power of the human body to heal, wherever she goes.

Let’s figure out what your pain is trying to tell you, then:

Give your body what
it needs to recover.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing patients
regain that pep in their step and sparkle in their eye.


Not sure
where to start?

No matter how resilient, every body has its breaking point. Left unaddressed, current symptoms will worsen and new symptoms will present themselves. So, if something feels off about guidance you’ve received from another medical professional, we encourage you to schedule a no-pressure, no-cost conversation with one of our physicians.

There’s never been a better time to take back control of your body so you can live a life without limits