Everything we do revolves around one core belief:

You deserve to feel your best.

Don’t give up
on getting better.

If you’ve dealt with pain or poor health for long enough, maybe you’ve forgotten what “feeling good” is like. When various doctors and treatments haven’t led to lasting solutions, it’s understandable why so many people sigh and say, “I guess this is just the way I’ll always feel.”

But it doesn’t have to be.

We firmly believe that uncovering root issues, then supporting the body’s natural ability to heal, will lead to relief from symptoms and enable you to resume a vibrant life. And, we have the research and testimonies to back it up!

No symptom is normal (including pain)

Amazing! I noticed a big difference on my first treatment! After my 6 treatments my wrist is completely healed and functional again! I’ve experienced no pain since doing my Acousana Trestment with One Wellness! I highly recommend this service to anyone with acute or chronic pain. The staff is amazing, very nice, and very caring! I loved working with Breanna! You can tell she genuinely cares and wants people out living their best lives!
MyStyleSpot Blog
MyStyleSpot Blog
July 14, 2022.
This is incredible! Almost a decade of shoulder pain with different diagnoses and nothing helping beyond more than a week or so, frustrating. After the first treatment I immediately felt relief, the most relief I had in a long time and it lasted throughout the rest of the treatments. I had 6 treatments and have had no pain since then! I can lift weights, sleep on my arm and am finally free of the pain! I highly recommend this to everyone!
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
June 29, 2022.
Acousana is almost eerie how well it works. I had been dealing with Sciatic nerve pain from a herniated disc... PT was able to help me tremendously but I was still feeling some low back pain that was persistent in not healing. Then, I decided to give this a try since I didn't want to do injections or surgery. Breana was awesome in explaining the whole process (and the science behind it since I nerded out over it). Now after 6 treatments I feel like I'm able to move around with no low back pain so I can better implement what I learned at PT to improve my overall wellness. If you want to look for an option before going straight to surgery, GIVE THIS A TRY!
Andrew McFarlane
Andrew McFarlane
June 28, 2022.
It’s been great working with Breana, she’s super nice and makes you feel great every appointment. At the beginning of everything appointment she will ask you, how you been feeling and pain level. The treatment is very good and it helps with your body aches. I recommend this place, and I’m happy that I found it.
Florencia Gonzalez
Florencia Gonzalez
June 20, 2022.
I had really bad siatica, my hip and low back were killing me. Within the first session I immediately felt relief. Now I’m completely better and don’t have to rely meds
Amanda Pea
Amanda Pea
June 20, 2022.
Very personable and friendly staff. Was very pleased at how thorough they were with my aches & pains. Thanks again Breanna!!!
Kimberly Wallace
Kimberly Wallace
April 26, 2022.
I'm not afraid to work out anymore! After I trained for a half marathon 3 years ago my knee would ache and pinch whenever I tried to workout or sometimes even when walking up the stairs. After treatment the pain in my knee is significantly less and I don't baby it like I used to. So so grateful for Breana and Acuosana Treatments!
Michele Lee
Michele Lee
April 14, 2022.
Breanna is very knowledgeable and explained everything she was doing. Always asking what your pain level is and will help you feel comfortable with the treatment. I stopped taking my meds for my neuropathy after the second treatment. Still have a bit of burning sensation at times but it is manageable while I continue through the last few treatments. I'm one who prefers to fix the problem rather than cover up the pain with meds if at all possible. So glad I found this and tried it out. It was noticeably pain free immediately after the first treatment.
Brian Abel
Brian Abel
March 14, 2022.
Incredible technology that not only helps pinpoint inflammation but treats it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone experiencing pain that seems untreatable.
Annalise Wallis
Annalise Wallis
February 18, 2022.

How we serve.

You deserve undivided attention and unwavering support.

We are eager to know you.

In the meantime, here’s a little more about us.




Dr. Rodgers is a highly experienced doctor of osteopathic medicine. A graduate from BYU, Dr. Rodgers is a certified functional medicine practitioner and an expert in hormone balancing. He has dedicated his professional life to helping his patients achieve optimal health and well-being, using a holistic and individualized approach to care. Dr. Rodgers listens intently to understand the best way to help you reach your health goals and works with you to develop your treatment plan.




A graduate from Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. James Beadle has always believed in being as efficient as possible. This has prompted him to use technology to better people’s lives whether through chiropractic or while teaching in higher education.

Breana Gibbs


Office Manager & Lead Technician

Breana’s background in healing began with Yoga Therapy. Breana has completed numerous certification courses that focus on the anatomy and physiology of the body in order to decrease injuries and encourage healing after injuries. A major motivation behind what she does is to help patients improve their quality of life.



BSN, Acousana Technician

Graduating with a bachelors in science and nursing has provided Jared with knowledge and experience that has contributed to a rich foundation in patient-centered care. Jared’s motivation is the desire to make a meaningful contribution toward better patient care in the ever-evolving field of healthcare.

Let’s figure out what your pain is trying to tell you, then:

Give your body what
it needs to recover.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing patients
regain that pep in their step and sparkle in their eye.


Not sure
where to start?

No matter how resilient, every body has its breaking point. Left unaddressed, current symptoms will worsen and new symptoms will present themselves. So, if something feels off about guidance you’ve received from another medical professional, we encourage you to schedule a no-pressure, no-cost conversation with one of our physicians.

There’s never been a better time to take back control of your body so you can live a life without limits