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Stop pain at its source.

Acousana® therapy is a non-invasive, natural approach to eliminating acute and chronic pain with over 86% success.


Pain gets in the way of everything.

At One Wellness, we believe: If you’re going to live, you should be fully alive. In other words, pain shouldn’t get to call the shots.

Still, we meet patients every day who have forgotten over time how good they can feel. Pain gets worse incrementally; bodies evolve and, after a while, “I can’t, I have a bad back,” or “bad knees,” or “a bad (fill in the blank)” simply becomes a way of life.

Don’t give up.

Acousana® therapy is a non-invasive, natural approach to
eliminating acute and chronic pain with over 86% success.


How it works.

We reject the idea that medical visits should feel rushed, cold, or confusing.

Here are the pillars of our approach instead:

To understand how Acousana® therapy works, we first have to appreciate inflammation for what it is—the body’s first responder. It gets a bad rap, but actually, inflammation does a ton of good. It signals pain and begins healing on the spot. But, sometimes, our bodies send too much inflammation over time, causing more pain, which elicits even more inflammation. And, after a while, that snowball turns into a chronic problem.

Acousana® therapy stops this cycle in its tracks.

After completing a full care plan, our patients
can expect long-term healing 86% of the time!

Try it for $29.

You’ve probably been through the wringer with your pain, so it’s natural to be skeptical about whether Acousana® therapy will actually work for you. So, before you make a larger financial commitment, we invite you to try a $29 introductory treatment.

Simply book your appointment, come in for your 45-minute session with our team, and decide for yourself if you’d like to move forward with more treatments. And, don’t worry. It’s the opposite of our nature to pressure anyone into anything. We respect your role as CEO of your body and want nothing more than to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your health.

I had been experiencing shoulder pain for several weeks with no relief. I came in, and Breanna was so helpful and the treatment worked immediately. I began feeling relief right away. After several sessions, the pain was gone. I felt like I was educated on what the machine was doing, and definitely experienced great results.
Cicily Oldham
Cicily Oldham
December 31, 2022.
Breana was phenomenal and extraordinarily patient. She explained the procedures, why she wanted to work certain areas, etc and made sure the treatments were tolerable and working. Her follow up is amazing and as we enter the 6th week post treatment, knees aren’t hurting and off season training has been a lot less painful with greater range of motion.
Samantha B
Samantha B
December 28, 2022.
Doctors these days really stink. Prescriptions or surgery. What about the in between? I’m 45 and my ankle started to develop a sharp nerve like zap. Over 6 weeks it grew until it felt like it wrapped around my ankle. Podiatrist and a horrible X-ray could tell anything. I couldn’t walk on stairs. The first few seconds of standing up. ZOINK! I came in here skeptical that anything could take away this pain. The machine is legit and can really hurt! It’s how you know it works! 😉 but after 5 sessions so far, it’s 80% gone. You feel it chipping away at the scar tissue and damage. Each session they increase the power and each time it hurts less. On my 4th session I got to max power of 16. First session I was at a 3. Such a unique feeling. Give it a shot! It works!
December 28, 2022.
I've had multiple surgeries over the past year and a half and was having major trouble walking after, I was literally wall hoping to get around, after coming and getting treated I am walking like normal again life changing experience 100% recommend
Jared Hopper
Jared Hopper
December 16, 2022.
It's been a great experience working with Breana and Jared. They're great communicators, and through Acousana I was able to deal with shoulder pain I had had for a long time! Thank you!!
Hirepan Zarco
Hirepan Zarco
December 16, 2022.
The treatment at One Wellness was SO helpful! My pain started going down after the very first treatment. I used it alongside physical therapy and it really accelerated my healing. Thank you, Breana!
December 14, 2022.
Before I started treatment last Summer, I had a lot of back pain, especially when sitting, but also back fatigue and a chin splint feeling in both legs. I also have a very tight psoas muscle which causes back pain. An MRI performed by a spinal pain specialist showed two herniated discs in my lower back. After the acousana treatment, the back fatigue and chin splint feeling is gone. I still have some pain when sitting, but not much, and I’m hoping that will be completely gone within in another 6 weeks or so. I continue some stretches to relax the psoas muscle. I’m very satisfied with the treatment from One Wellness. They are knowledgeable and understanding. Breana was the specialist that usually helped me, and she was professional, friendly, and empathetic. She always knew what to do and had suggestions to help me stretch the psoas more.
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes
December 12, 2022.
This place is amazing for any type of therapeutic treatment. They’ve really helped me get back my years far as athletics goes. I couldn’t walk, run, or jump while playing sports because of previous injuries. Being in pain for years took a hit on my life and career. Now being pain free and off prescription medication has been a blessing in my life because of One Wellness. I’m able to perform at the highest level again while playing sports and I’m very ecstatic. I’d recommend this place to anyone who’s dealing with pain of some sort. They’re great to work with and really knows how to take care of their clients. Thank y’all so much One Wellness.
Kent Milligan
Kent Milligan
November 30, 2022.
I’m so thankful I ran into an add on Facebook for One Wellness. After getting a very bad sprained ankle back in April I could not get rid of the pain. I did everything right according to the doctors and they just kept telling me that the pain was normal even after 6 months of consistent PT and even a round of strong anti-inflammatories. As a high level dancer I was frustrated and even considered doing expensive and invasive treatments. However I found an ad for Acousana therapy and I decided to give it a try. It was a fourth of the price of the other treatments I had been doing research on and it didn’t required me to stop dancing or walking. I have done 4 treatments now and I can say it is a night and day difference. My pain is 80% gone. I can dance long hours and my foot is not in so much pain after every dance practice I have. I would recommend One well ess to any one that is looking to gain back their ability to move without pain!
Saidi Cordon
Saidi Cordon
November 29, 2022.

Acousana® therapy was a game-changer for Jeff.

Jeff has worked as a general contractor in flooring and other industries since he was 16 years old. As a result, he experienced daily back pain for the last 20 years, keeping him from doing the things he loves.

Following his Acousana® therapy treatments, Jeff experienced a complete elimination of his pain and a nearly complete restoration of motion.

Before you decide what’s right for you, let’s address the elephants in the room.

You might be wondering…

Who Performs Acousana Treatments?2022-08-24T15:46:39-06:00

Acousana therapy is performed by certified technicians who have received hands-on training in order to provide successful patient outcomes.

Am I A Candidate For Acousana Therapy? Are There Any Side Effects?2023-04-10T15:03:47-06:00

There are no known negative side effects of Acousana therapy and you can return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment. However you will want to avoid overusing the injured area until completing all therapy sessions.

Is Acousana Therapy New?2022-08-24T15:46:57-06:00

Acousana therapy utilizes FDA cleared technology for the activation of connective tissue and is registered for pain reduction and improved blood supply.

What Should I Expect During Acousana Treatments?2022-08-24T15:47:04-06:00

Treatments are similar to what you would experience during an ultrasound. You should arrive in clothes that allow us to reach the treatment area and sessions take about 15 minutes.

What Are The Benefits of Acousana?2022-08-24T15:47:13-06:00

Acousana is a non-invasive, drug free approach to eliminating your pain that treats the root cause of pain – Inflammation! Acousana restores mobility and requires little to no downtime allowing you to return to regular activities the same day.

How Many Acousana Treatments Do I Need?2022-08-24T15:47:22-06:00

Every patient and every condition is different, most conditions require 6-8 treatments. With some severe conditions requiring follow up treatments two to four months later.


How Long Will The Results From Acousana Therapy Last?2022-08-24T15:47:31-06:00

Following a full treatment protocol, most patients report long term results with some experiencing permanent relief. Clinical studies show patients evaluated using the Visual Analogical Scale (VAS) at a medium term (6-12 months) as well as long term (13-24 months) post treatment, continued to report a decrease in their level of pain and an increase in their range of motion. Individual outcomes vary.

How Long Does It Take To See Results With Acousana Therapy?2022-08-24T15:47:43-06:00

The vast majority of patients see an immediate reduction in pain, inflammation and swelling after the first treatment.

Does Acousana Therapy Work For My Condition?2022-08-24T15:47:49-06:00

Acousana focuses on the source of the problem and addresses the inflammation that is the root cause of pain. If the pain is caused by inflammation, then it’s something our therapy can help with.

Have another question? Let’s talk about it.


Not quite ready?

Get a free second opinion instead.

No matter how resilient, every body has its breaking point. Left unaddressed, current symptoms will worsen and new symptoms will present themselves. So, if something feels off about guidance you’ve received from another medical professional, we encourage you to schedule a no-pressure, no-cost conversation with one of our physicians. There’s never been a better time to take back control of your body so you can live a life without limits!

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