• Hormone Balancing
    Karen N.

    "I flew to Utah just to be seen by Dr. Rodgers and he did not disappoint me. He's blessed my life immeasurably."

  • Sciatica Pain
    Andrew M.

    "My low back pinching, it's all gone. You have to do this. If you have any sort of chronic pain, had an injury or anything - Acousana works."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Bryan M.

    "I meet different guys skiing and they thought I was in my 40's. They had no idea that I'm 59. When I tell them, they're shocked!"

  • Hormone Balancing
    Jennifer F.

    “If you’re dealing with things like brain fog, fatigue, general feeling of lackluster – Dr. Rodgers has got your back for balancing your hormones, your supplements and your exercise.”

  • Ankle Pain (Post Surgery)
    Adam S.

    “I felt like my life was going to be limited. This has given me my strength back, my mobility and ability run, play soccer again and do all the things that I enjoy.”

  • Upper Back Pain
    Melissa T.

    “There were days I could barely walk down the hall to the bathroom. Now I’m working and I haven’t been able to do that all year.”

  • Back Pain
    Jay Jackson

    “I’ve had treatments done to my feet – both of them, my calves, my hamstrings, and also my shoulder. I feel amazing!”

  • Shoulder Pain
    SaraJane W.

    “I was in so much pain. Acousana took all my pain away and it has stayed away.”

  • Ankle Pain
    Saidi L.

    “I’m very happy with One Wellness because I feel like finally someone validated my pain but also gave me some results to get rid of my pain.”

  • Knee Pain
    Mike E.

    “At first, 100% I was skeptical but this is the best my knee has felt in six months.”