Case Study - Plantar Fasciitis

Sophia came to see us after several other doctors said they didn’t believe that she had Plantar Fasciitis at her age but couldn’t explain why she was in so much pain.

Sophia was in pain constantly even when she wasn’t standing or walking. She tried different exercises for Plantar Fasciitis but didn’t find any success. Due to her inability to move around as she’d like, she started gaining weight and felt like she was losing her health.

After Sophia’s first treatment she experienced a significant reduction in pain and says that her first treatment changed her life! She no longer experiences pain in the morning and isn’t afraid to stand up and walk around.

Acousana therapy helped Sophia eliminate the pain she was experiencing due to Plantar Fasciitis. “I feel magnificent!” she says. Sophia feels like she now has her life back. She can exercise, walk and live an overall healthier life.