Hormone Replacement Therapy2023-10-14T16:54:46-06:00

Balance your hormones.

Customized hormone pellet therapy is a safe, highly-effective treatment
that recalibrates unbalanced hormones in the same way our bodies naturally do.


Out-of-whack hormones wreak havoc on the body.

brain fog,
low-grade depression,
inability to lose weight or gain muscle,
decreased sex drive or function,
headaches, and insomnia;

If your body no longer feels like your own, you’re right to want it back! The trouble is, as your body matures, things do change (even from your 20s to your 30s, and especially into your 40s and beyond). So, if you’re like most, you search the internet for answers, get overwhelmed with possibilities, and surrender to hoping things will just go back to normal on their own.

your symptoms.

As we enter each new phase of life, our hormone levels evolve. Sometimes the change is subtle
enough that we barely notice, and other times, it’s so brash that all alarms go off simultaneously.

At One Wellness, we believe you deserve to know what’s actually
happening in your body and what you can do about it safely.

Dr. Rodgers can help.

Dr. Brian Rodgers is a highly experienced doctor of osteopathic medicine and a certified functional medicine practitioner. After performing more than 5000 successful hormone replacement therapy procedures, he is a sought-after expert in hormone balancing.

As a true master of his craft, Dr. Rodgers has been recognized by his patients for his thorough diagnostic testing and fine-tuned treatment plans. In other words, he knows the life-transforming power of hormone balance and refuses to cut any corners in helping his patients achieve it.

I started using One Wellness the first week of Sept 2023 and have felt a positive change in my brain fog, depression, fatigue and lack of overall feeling of wellness. The treatment has helped me feel better. Dr Rodgers and his team are very nice to work with and make it an low stress environment to receive treatment.
I've been doing HRT for 15 years, and I've been to my fair share of clinics. But none of them compare to Dr. Rodgers' office. He and his staff are truly exceptional. From the moment you walk in the door, you're greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. The office is clean, comfortable, and inviting. And the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Rodgers himself is amazing. He is passionate about helping his patients. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions. He also makes sure to explain everything to me in a way that I can understand. Dr. Rodgers is also very respectful of my choices. He doesn't pressure me into anything, and he always works with me to create a treatment plan that's right for me. I feel like he truly cares about my well-being, and I trust him completely. I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Rodgers. He's changed my life for the better. If you're looking for a functional health office that provides the best possible care, look no further. Dr. Rodgers is the one for you!
Matt Sweatfield
Matt Sweatfield
Super friendly and super helpful
Kira Thompson
Kira Thompson
Today I had a wonderful first-time experience at One Wellness! Brianne was very good at listening and understanding my situation. Her actions were very well explained and at the end of my first session my back pain, that had engulfed me for over two weeks was vanquished! My previous visits to the doctor and the physical therapy he recommended hadn’t helped. I was so grateful to be relieved of the pain! This first session could not have gone better, in my opinion! Thanks One Wellness !
Wayne DeVincent
Wayne DeVincent
I have had 2 back surgeries and have been in pain for years. Went to Breanna and Glade and today is the best my back has felt in almost 7 years. Breanna was awesome today and I feel that I may have permanent pain relief soon 10 stars if it would allow me to do so
Eric Duke
Eric Duke
If not for One Wellness, I would have had major surgery on my knees! Try Acousana and see that your body can heal itself. It’s a game changer
Alicia Austin
Alicia Austin
I am a very sports-minded, active, kind of guy. I love to train and do multiple sports. I've tried many different methods to alleviate my knee arthritis which limited me to about 60 to 70% of activity. 6 weeks after my multiple treatments, that improves my activity level to about 90 to 95%. And still improving. I'm looking forward to 100%. I would highly recommend treatments with One Wellness
Ronald Shalvis
Ronald Shalvis
Fabulous place and fabulous staff I feel like I’ve known them forever. And the treatment is definitely worth it.
Angela Payne
Angela Payne
Breana was so knowledgeable and helpful. I had lingering injuries that I didn’t think I would ever recover from and Breana had me feeling like brand new. One Wellness was always on top of my scheduling and very accommodating. I would recommend Breana without hesitation.
James Mcbride
James Mcbride
I am a firm proponent of One Wellness. All of my health concerns are addressed. Using the Acousana therapy they offer has resolved my back pain. I believe in the therapy so much that I’m now using it on other areas of my body. The entire staff of One Wellness cares for me and I’m heard. You should run here for care!
Russell Belt
Russell Belt

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Rodgers is a certified BioTE® bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) provider.

100% bioidentical

The BHRT pellets that Dr. Rodgers uses are identical to the hormones produced in the human body.

Over 5000 treatments performed

Dr. Rodgers has successfully performed thousands of pellet insertions using the BioTE Method of pellet therapy.

BioTE® platinum provider

Dr. Rodgers has undergone extensive training and has over 20 years experience in hormone balancing. This makes Dr. Rodgers uniquely qualified to get the best results.

Studies have shown hormone replacement therapy
may help relieve the symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

How it works.

We understand that the thought of addressing your hormone imbalances
can feel complicated. Rest assured, Dr. Rodgers will answer all of your questions
and help you regain the vitality of a younger you.

Discover your hormone levels. 

Hormone pellet therapy was a game-changer for Karen.

“I flew to Utah just to be seen by Dr. Rodgers and he did not disappoint me. He’s blessed my life immeasurably.”

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Join an upcoming webinar or watch a replay to learn all about hormones, symptoms of an imbalance and treatment options for both men and women from Dr. Rodgers, D.O.


Before you decide what’s right for you, let’s address the elephants in the room.

You might be wondering…

Who is eligible for hormone pellet therapy?2023-02-09T11:35:06-07:00

Any adult with low or imbalanced hormone labs and with low hormone symptoms may be considered for hormone pellet therapy. You may discuss this with Doctor Rodgers to decide if this is the right treatment for you.

What is hormone pellet therapy?2023-02-09T11:33:46-07:00

Hormone pellet therapy uses bioidentical hormone pellets to treat hormone deficiencies and imbalances. Bioidentical means that the hormones used are the same molecule that the body makes and then metabolizes. The pellets are inserted under the skin. The blood supply then forms over the pellets, and with each heartbeat, the hormones are taken to be used by the target cells. This is very similar to how the hormones are taken up from the ovaries and testes. The pellets are active for 3-6 months, depending on multiple factors. The pellets completely dissolve, and do not need to be removed.

What hormones can be replaced/supplemented with pellets?2023-02-09T11:35:29-07:00

We can replace Estrogen and Testosterone with pellets. We also balance other hormones such as Progesterone, Thyroid, and Insulin with diet, supplementation, lifestyle changes, or medication if absolutely necessary.

What are the benefits of hormone pellet therapy?2023-02-09T11:35:51-07:00

With pellet therapy you can feel like yourself again with more energy, less depression, better body composition, improved sex drive and function, fewer headaches, and better sleep. You may also decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis, and wrinkles.

How much does it cost?2023-02-14T16:50:22-07:00

As a new patient, you’ll receive thorough lab work as well as an in depth consultation with Dr. Rodgers who will review your results with you and identify if you’re a candidate for our hormone therapy program. The cost for this initial step is $200. From there, if hormone pellet therapy is recommended, treatments cost $650 for men and $350 for women.

How long do the results last?2023-02-14T16:52:26-07:00

Hormone pellet therapy provides the most sustained levels of hormones for the longest period of time without the “roller coaster” effect. The treatment usually lasts 3-4 months for women and 4-5 months for men. This treatment time depends on metabolism, diet, supplements, exercise, gender, and conditioning.

How is your clinic different from others offering hormone replacement therapy?2023-02-09T11:38:01-07:00

Rather than carefully balancing all of your hormones, many clinics simply boost your testosterone or estrogen levels which can either accentuate the problem or not work at all. Hormones are delicate and should be balanced precisely in order for you to feel your absolute best. Dr. Rodgers has successfully performed over 5000 pellet treatments and is one of the longest-standing hormone experts in Utah. Dr. Rodgers values spending time with you and the opportunity to listen closely to what you’re experiencing. He then combines that understanding with knowledge gained through thorough lab work to build a highly-customized treatment plan designed just for you.

How is the pellet inserted?2023-02-09T11:37:19-07:00

Prior to the insertion of the pellets, the correct individualized dose is calculated by Dr. Rodgers. During the in-office visit, which only takes a few minutes, you’ll be brought into the exam room, and the insertion site is numbed. The most common site of insertion is the upper buttocks. A small incision is then made for pellet insertion. Once the pellet is inserted, the site is covered with a small bandage (no stitches are needed).

How does hormone replacement therapy compare to other treatments?2023-02-09T11:34:43-07:00

Hormone therapy replaces what the body is missing. We use your labs, symptoms, and health history to replace and balance what your body needs. Diet, hormone precursors, and supplements help, but do not replace the hormones that are low or imbalanced in your body.

How are estrogen levels tested if I am on hormone therapy?2024-05-13T12:49:18-06:00

Understanding the appropriate method for testing estrogen levels is crucial to ensure effective hormone therapy management. The method of testing depends on the form of hormone therapy you are using. Here’s a straightforward guide:

  • Ovary (No additional therapy): The ovary has a blood supply that uptakes hormones with every heartbeat. These hormones are then carried by the blood vessels to the target cells of the body. The hormones from the ovary are not transported via the lymph system or from cell to cell. The most appropriate way to test these hormones is in the blood or serum. This will give the most accurate results.
  • Hormone Pellet Therapy: If you are undergoing hormone pellet therapy, blood/serum tests are the recommended method for monitoring your estrogen levels. This type of therapy involves inserting pellets and blood vessels forming around them. These blood vessels pick up the hormones from the pellets and take them to the target cells of the body. This is done in the exact same way that blood vessels take hormones from the ovaries to target cells. Therefore, a blood test provides a direct measure of how much estrogen is circulating in your system, ensuring that your treatment is effectively tailored to your needs.
  • Hormone Patches or Creams: In contrast, if you are using hormone patches or creams, these forms of therapy are absorbed through your skin and do not enter the bloodstream in the same way as pellets. The hormones are then transferred via the lymph system or from cell to cell transfer. Because these hormones are processed differently by your body, blood tests may not accurately reflect the levels of hormones being utilized by your body tissues. For this reason, saliva testing is the preferred approach for these therapies. Saliva testing measures the levels of hormones inside the cell. Measuring the cellular levels of hormones by measuring the saliva gives a more accurate indication of what the hormone level is inside of the cells.
Are there any side effects, risks, or downtime?2023-02-09T11:36:39-07:00

Hormone pellet therapy is very safe. We are replacing the missing hormones with the exact molecule that your body is used to making and metabolizing. Studies show that hormone pellet therapy causes no increased cancer risk and suggest that cancer risk may even be lowered.

Typically, there are no side effects or only minimal side effects from the pellets. If there are side effects, they could be mild pain at the insertion site, infection, swelling, or extruded pellets. Hormone therapy usually causes weight loss, however, initially, there might be a little weight gain from building more muscle mass. Once there is increased muscle, this will start to burn up excess fat.

During the week following hormone pellets, we encourage you to take showers as needed but don’t soak in water or do exercises on your gluteal muscles. You can exercise your upper body, go on level walks, and do leg exercises that don’t involve your gluteal muscles.

Are pellets the only treatment you offer?2023-02-09T11:37:41-07:00

Although hormone pellet therapy is our preferred method of hormone therapy, it is not the only one that we can use. We can also use bioidentical gels and creams and testosterone shots. These therapies can have increased risks and problems over pellets. Pills by mouth can lead to liver disease and cancer. Shots are not bioidentical, leading to increased cholesterol and increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. Gels and creams are bioidentical, meaning they are the same hormone that the body makes and knows how to metabolize but can be easily transmitted to others in your household, coworkers, and friends.

Have another question? Let’s talk about it.


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No matter how resilient, every body has its breaking point. Left unaddressed, current symptoms will worsen and new symptoms will present themselves. So, if something feels off about guidance you’ve received from another medical professional, we encourage you to schedule a no-pressure, no-cost conversation with Dr. Rodgers. There’s never been a better time to take back control of your body so you can live a life without limits!

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