How a Specialist in Pain Care Can Treat Strains & Sprains

If you’ve ever pulled a muscle a little too far, you know how tempting it can be to treat your injury at home. After all, sprains and strains are incredibly common, with research suggesting that ankle sprains alone affect a whopping 25,000 U.S. workers per day.

However, when it becomes impossible to shrug off your injury or “work through” the pain, it’s crucial to reach out for the medical care you need. Finding the right pain clinic in Woods Cross can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a drawn-out struggle to resume your daily activities.

Wondering how a specialist in pain care can improve your frustrating muscle or tendon pain? Let’s take a look at three key reasons to reach out to a medical professional.

Offering an Initial Diagnosis

Sudden pain in a muscle or joint can be surprisingly hard to diagnose and address on your own. Even if you’ve suffered a traumatic sports injury—in which you heard a noise or experienced a sudden popping sensation—you may not know the exact culprit of your pain.

Sprains and strains are not interchangeable, and the treatment for each can be slightly different. What’s more, an injury to the muscle can also require different treatment from an injury to a joint.

As a result, it’s crucial to see a doctor as soon as possible rather than self-diagnosing your own injury. A medical professional can help you understand the biomechanical issues involved. They can also advise you on any movements and behaviors to avoid and which treatments to follow, giving you better chances of experiencing quick pain relief.

Supplementing Your Self-Care

In most cases, especially with minor muscle strains and sprains, your treatment regimen will begin at home.

Experts advise pausing your regular activities and following the RICE method after most injuries. Though this method may seem simple, it may be all you need to address minor or short-term aches and pains. In addition, over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication can help bring down swelling and ease discomfort.

However, if these simple solutions fail to help manage your pain, don’t struggle on your own!

As a general rule of thumb, you should visit a Utah pain clinic if your pain does not start to lessen within one week after your injury. Where normal pain relief methods fail to minimize muscle, tendon, or joint pain, Acousana therapy can help.

Thanks to its acoustic technology, Acousana therapy prompts your body’s natural biological healing response. Most patients find that it relieves much of the early swelling and inflammation of an injury, and it can also help to ease your pain.

However, don’t be tempted to think of this therapy as a “masking” treatment that simply covers the pain! Acousana therapy can actually help address many of the root causes of your injury.

In addition to reducing inflammation, this therapy increases the blood flow and circulation throughout the affected area. It also prompts the body to send nutrients and other resources to the damaged area, promoting long-term healing. This, in turn, can even help to restore your mobility if the sprain has made your limb tense or stiff.

Anyone who wishes to avoid medication, invasive procedures, and extensive downtime will want to consider reaching out to an expert in this natural therapy.

Advising on Additional Therapies

In the rare cases where your injury causes chronic pain that lasts longer than expected, having a medical professional in the loop can help. Your local Utah pain specialists may advise seeking additional therapies as needed. Here are a few common ways to supplement your pain relief treatments:

Physical Therapy

Depending on the location and severity of your muscle sprain or strain, you might need physical therapy to work through your pain and regain function. This is especially true if your chronic pain has made you inactive for a long period, causing your muscles to weaken over time. The right exercises can help you enhance your mobility and strength while minimizing the risk of re-injury.


For foot, ankle, and knee sprains, many patients find that orthopedic solutions can help them get back on their feet. More supportive shoes and better insoles might help realign your muscles, bones, and tendons.


If you’ve had a severe strain, your Utah pain relief specialist might tell you to immobilize the affected area. This might mean getting a specialized brace, having an expert place Kinesio tape around your injury, or even getting a hard cast, in rare cases.

Talk to a Specialist in Pain Care

Struggling to manage your muscle or joint pain? Whether you’re dealing with a muscle or joint sprain or strain, partnering with a specialist in pain care can be a crucial part of your recovery.

When it comes to acute and chronic pain, Utah patients should reach out to the trusted team at One Wellness. With clinically proven results, Acousana therapy is your best bet at addressing the root cause of your pain while offering quick relief. To get on track for a faster recovery, contact us today.

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