Case Study: Low Back Deadlift Injury

With all the weightlifting, exercising and heavy lifting we do, recovery is important” – Amy W.

Case Study: Low Back Deadlift Injury

I had tried everything and I was desperate having been on ibuprofen and Tylenol every single day. Right away I could feel the inflammation leave in my glute. I love it!” – Barbra L.


Meet Amy

As an avid athlete, Amy is far too familiar with the aches and pains associated with weightlifting and pushing your limits. Having injured her lower back while working out, Amy started experiencing residual pain that increased when performing lifts with heavy weight and deadlift movements that require hinging at the waist and lifting with the legs and low back.

When her back became irritated, Amy would take a couple of days off for recovery then be right back at it. For many minor aches and pains, this cycle is harmless. However, when the body doesn’t have ample time to heal, the repetitive damage can turn into chronic pain.

Amy’s Treatment Experience

During Amy’s first Acousana® treatment, we identified the majority of her inflammation originating from the lower right hand side of her back and stemming down into the glute. Due to compensation, we also identified inflammation on the left hand side as well. This is common when one area is injured, the rest of the body compensates to protect the injured area resulting in increased weight bearing and irregular movements that can eventually to pain.

Throughout the course of treatment, Amy began increasing the weight that she used for deadlifting to 225 without experiencing pain afterwards.

Amy’s Results

By the end of Amy’s treatment protocol, she had been able to return to her original deadlifting weight without any pain. “This was the first time I went heavy since starting the treatments and it was good!

Acousana is an effective tool for athletes looking to treat aches, pains and injuries associated with living an active lifestyle while at the same time optimizing performance through increased blood flow, nitric oxide release, and stem cell migration to prevent and lessen the impact of injury.

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