Case Study: Neck Pain & Migraines

I haven’t had a migraine since I started [treatments]. You guys are dream makers.”
– Michelle B. 

Case Study: Neck Pain & Migraines

“I haven’t had a migraine since I started [treatments]. You guys are dream makers.”
– Michelle B.


Meet Michelle

When we met Michelle, she was experiencing constant neck pain that she dealt with on a daily basis. If she slept wrong or moved in the wrong way she would experience a flare up which increased her pain even more. Overtime, Michelle just learned to live with it and adjusted her day to day activities like driving in such a way so that it didn’t cause as much pain. Michelle’s range of motion from left to right was limited and would cause pain. The accumulation of pain and stiffness led to frequent migraines that interfered with her life.

Michelle’s Treatment Experience

After trying medication, steroid injections and creams to resolve her pain, Michelle tried Acousana® therapy. As we began treatments, we quickly identified inflammation that extended down from Michelle’s neck into her shoulders. The body is intricately connected and sometimes, the area that is painful isn’t always where the source of the problem is. With Acousana, we’re able to identify the true origin of the problem to address it directly. Michelle’s pain gradually decreased with each treatment as we worked to eliminate the inflammation from the damaged tissue.

Michelle’s Results

Michelle’s treatment program consisted of six treatments over the course of four weeks. Since the beginning of her treatments, Michelle hasn’t experienced any migraines and has now restored her ability to turn her head from left to right without experiencing flare ups. Michelle excitedly shares that while she still has some stiffness, she no longer has pain.

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