Our patients have a lot
to say about our services.

Testimonies & Case Studies

  • Hip Pain
    Yvonne H.

    "This is one thing - this Acousana that has helped me get rid of the nerve pain that the others haven't been able to help me with."

  • Jay J.

    "I feel absolutely this offseason using Acousana Therapy. This really helped be better and perform on the field and be healthy going into my 36th season. The treatments are unbelievable."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Brett D.

    "Hormone therapy has been a huge improvement, a boom for me. It's been fantastic. I noticed the effects pretty much right off the bat. I feel like myself, I have more energy, increased sex drive, my relationship with my wife was better. I am a better parent, I'm happier with my children and I'm not quick to anger. There have been so many benefits."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Lori C.

    "It's an overall health that you just can't replace with another type of medical management. One Wellness is so awesome!"

  • Knee Pain
    Peter B.

    "Acousana really made a huge difference. I'm so grateful I did it and that there's a non-surgical way to get things done."

  • Shoulder Pain
    Jose C.

    "Antes de venir aqui, tuve dolor por cinco meses. Mi progreso ha sido bastante. Se me ha quitado el dolor, puedo dormir y es excelente."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Elizabeth R

    "After hormone therapy, I came alive. Now, I'm awake, I'm energized, I have happy moods and my husband is happy. This has changed my life completely."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Karen N.

    "I flew to Utah just to be seen by Dr. Rodgers and he did not disappoint me. He's blessed my life immeasurably."

  • Sciatica Pain
    Andrew M.

    "My low back pinching, it's all gone. You have to do this. If you have any sort of chronic pain, had an injury or anything - Acousana works."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Bryan M.

    "I meet different guys skiing and they thought I was in my 40's. They had no idea that I'm 59. When I tell them, they're shocked!"

  • Hormone Balancing
    Jennifer F.

    “If you’re dealing with things like brain fog, fatigue, general feeling of lackluster – Dr. Rodgers has got your back for balancing your hormones, your supplements and your exercise.”

  • Ankle Pain (Post Surgery)
    Adam S.

    “I felt like my life was going to be limited. This has given me my strength back, my mobility and ability run, play soccer again and do all the things that I enjoy.”


Our Mission

You’re going to feel like a part of the family when you’re with us. We understand the impact pain has on your life and we’re as eager as you are to get you back to living the life you love with the ones you love most. We believe in radical transparency and will provide you with the information you need in order to make the best decision for your health.

“I have taken muscle relaxers for over 15 years but within weeks I have gone off my muscle relaxers and have had no pain whatsoever. Other doctors wanted to do surgery so Acousana was a Godsend for me. I have insurance that would pay for everything with surgery but this has been worth every penny.”

Judy O, (Back Pain)

“I didn’t know there was a treatment for Golfer’s elbow and thought I just needed to live with it so this is a dream come true to be able to do what I love and not be in pain.”

Paul H, (Golfers Elbow)

“I have struggled with severe Piriformis and Sciatica pain for the last 2 years. I have tried chiropractic, physical therapy, pain relievers and stretching. Nothing worked to relieve the pain that had become debilitating in my lifestyle. Thankfully, my chiropractor referred me to One Wellness. After a series of 6 treatments, I am living proof that this therapy heals and restores the tissue. Today, I am pain free and have my life back.”

Shauna C, (Piriformis)

“Acousana therapy cut my recovery time in half and put me back on my feet – I’m so grateful.”

Sean E, (ACL Injury)

“My neck has been stiff ever since my accident. I can move my neck fully now and without any pinching.”

Jennifer M, (Neck Pain)

“I have neuropathy and a bone spur in my foot as well that we’ve treated and It’s virtually gone, and I have no pain. I can now wear different shoes that have been too painful before. It’s awesome to get out of pain without needing surgery.”

Judy O, (Bone Spur)