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In the meantime, take a moment to listen to the stories of some of the wonderful patients we’ve had the privilege of helping.

  • Hormone Balancing
    Brett D.

    "Hormone therapy has been a huge improvement, a boom for me. It's been fantastic. I noticed the effects pretty much right off the bat. I feel like myself, I have more energy, increased sex drive, my relationship with my wife was better. I am a better parent, I'm happier with my children and I'm not quick to anger. There have been so many benefits."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Lori C.

    "It's an overall health that you just can't replace with another type of medical management. One Wellness is so awesome!"

  • Knee Pain
    Peter B.

    "Acousana really made a huge difference. I'm so grateful I did it and that there's a non-surgical way to get things done."

  • Shoulder Pain
    Jose C.

    "Antes de venir aqui, tuve dolor por cinco meses. Mi progreso ha sido bastante. Se me ha quitado el dolor, puedo dormir y es excelente."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Elizabeth R

    "After hormone therapy, I came alive. Now, I'm awake, I'm energized, I have happy moods and my husband is happy. This has changed my life completely."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Karen N.

    "I flew to Utah just to be seen by Dr. Rodgers and he did not disappoint me. He's blessed my life immeasurably."

  • Sciatica Pain
    Andrew M.

    "My low back pinching, it's all gone. You have to do this. If you have any sort of chronic pain, had an injury or anything - Acousana works."

  • Hormone Balancing
    Bryan M.

    "I meet different guys skiing and they thought I was in my 40's. They had no idea that I'm 59. When I tell them, they're shocked!"

  • Hormone Balancing
    Jennifer F.

    “If you’re dealing with things like brain fog, fatigue, general feeling of lackluster – Dr. Rodgers has got your back for balancing your hormones, your supplements and your exercise.”